Link Building

Website authority depends directly on the number of pages that link it. The search engines interpret the links as a vote. It is a sign that the linked page is of high quality and relevant in your industry. To build your votes, there are several white hat strategy we apply to your website

Guest blogging

Guest blogging has been actively used in the SEO world for many years, and it doesn’t seem like it will disappear anytime soon, so it is important to master this technique to boost our SEO strategy. Collaboration within the niche is useful for both the host site and the guest writer. (It is a WIN-WIN that is not always used)

Influencers and Bloggers

After writing excellent unique content, we can offer a guest posting to some established website. This action is to increase your exposure in the world.

Many companies participate in conferences and other relevant professional events, organize meetings with partners or tourist destinations, interact with clients, and do everything possible to remain visible. The same principles apply in the digital space. The more sites you visit and leave your imprint, the more web users will know about your business, and the stronger their authority over the market will be.

Create Downloadable Content

A backlink from downloadables refers to referrals to the home or destination page of a specific website. Conversely, deep links can either link to one of the subpages or multimedia content on the web: videos, images, or PDF document downloads. In this case, we also talk about multimedia links.

Broken Link Building

Having broken links within a website negatively affects the SEO positioning, since it signals the search engine that the site is not working as well as it should. Having errors between the web links makes it difficult for crawlers or bots to search. In addition to directly affecting search engine crawling, it negatively affects the user experience. Therefore, you need to fix it somehow (and we can help!)

Link Authority & Relevance

The amount of relevance and online authority provided by an inbound link affects your SEO. For example, let’s say that a website has only two inbound links. One comes from a generic web directory, and the other from a site with a lot of authority on the subject. Both links make up 100% of the site’s authority. However, the first link provides a much lower power than the other backlink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nos similem monitor res popularis ex proelio, et semper,

Link building is intentionally increasing the number of quality backlinks that target your website. Link Building can be done through conventional strategies or more creative efforts. It is a concept that is part of the topic of Off-Page optimization and describes the process of acquiring external links (also called Backlinks)

Search Ranking is important because more and more consumers search the Internet before purchasing products or services. SEO corresponds to a set of techniques. Its purpose is to improve the positioning of a website in search engines such as Google or Bing.

An internal link is a link within your website that goes through another page of your website. However, an external link is something you get from another site that somehow refers to your website.

If you have existing rankings, it can take roughly 2-4 months to see results. If your website is brand new, it can be 6-8 Months before any results can really be measured. However, SEO is a complex world, so it depends on several factors. It can be the competition of the keyword you are targeting, the domain authority, and more.

Although Google denies the positive influence of outgoing hyperlinks, there is no doubt that under certain circumstances, they can have a beneficial impact on the positioning of a website in the search engine. Those websites that stand out for linking a series of unnatural outgoing links run the risk of being classified by spammers as spam and penalize accordingly. That is why you need a link building strategy.

Dofollow links cause search engine spiders to follow (follow) that link and crawl the page they reach. By contrast, nofollow links instruct crawlers not to follow the link. 

What is this for? A dofollow link transmits part of the authority of your domain to the linked page, so you will want to use them in links that point to trusted websites or websites related to the topic you are dealing with. On the other hand, a nofollow link does not transmit authority from your page to the landing page, so they must be used in affiliate links, paid links, or links that are more difficult for you to control, such as in the links on the comments.