Local SEO

Whatever your local business is, a strong Local SEO strategy is the key to attract more potential buyers to your business. We can help you to have your business appear on Google Maps, and Google search results every time a person searches for what they need locally.

Google My Business

Google My Business is essential for companies. It transmits information to different places, including the local package and Google Maps search results. Previously it was also known as Google Local, or Google+. Google My Business optimization Includes:

Local-3 Pack

In recent years, local SEO has gained a lot of strength, given the increase in the use of smartphones when we are away from home.

For example, if we are in Manhattan and search for “Manhattan hamburger,” Google shows us the three most relevant and best-positioned hamburger places for the search query we have carried out. This field, formed by the map, consists of 3 businesses. It is also called a “local pack.” Our job is to make sure you are among the Top 3.

Build Reputation & Gain Reviews

Some of the most critical aspects of your Google My Business are reviews, questions, and answers. In short, the experience of consumers with your business helps you to improve the position of your local SEO. For starters, getting qualified reviews are challenging. Therefore, we can also help you get yours.

google ratings

Citation Building

Consistency in NAP data

The NAP is essential for local SEO and refers to the name, address, and telephone number of your business, brand or project, originating from its acronym (Name, Address and Phone). It seems very simple and basic, but it is essential to get the most out of local SEO. Besides creating new citation data, we can also help you claim and optimize the existing listing.

Data Aggregators

Aggregators also provide a consistent number of geographic data to third parties such as Apple Maps Connect, Yelp, Bing, TripAdvisor, and more. They can drive more people to find you. Some may be the Yellow Pages or their local equivalent, or sites like JointBox.

Local Directories

You must verify that your data matches and is complete. Inconsistencies such as typing errors, abbreviations, absences, or contact number errors can cause problems. If Google can’t determine which information about your company is correct, it may not show your business in searches, whether they are local or not.

Monthly Reporting

We must determine the best action plan and make the right adjustments to improve the positions of Google and other search engines that increasingly focus on local search results when people search for a business.

If you do not classify your location properly, you will miss potential customers. That is why we also provide monthly reporting. Here, you will get a report on the local ranking improvement each month. Please contact us for more information.

What's Included In Our Service Packages

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nos similem monitor res popularis ex proelio, et semper,

As in any marketing efforts, there is no guarantee to get the exact results you wanted. However, there is always an improvement in your page rank that could potentially hit the first page on Google. We make sure to track all progress, good or bad with periodical updates of the SEO effort we have done.

Local SEO (Local Search Engine Optimization) is focused on providing results that are relevant to a search engine based on your current location. It consists of several factors that help you target your local audience by achieving better search engine rankings.

This type of search is carried out mainly on Google, the most widely used search engine, although there are other local services such as Bing Places, Yelp, Apple Maps, etc.

If you have a physical business or store and do not know what local SEO is, you are most likely missing a golden opportunity to get more clients. According to a study, 33% of user clicks go to local business results (local packages), and 40% to organic results. The ideal thing is to optimize your website to appear in both listings.

It depends on your goals and how aggressively you are looking to achieve this goal. There are other factors that are considered in pricing a local SEO project including existing directory submissions and domain authority. Without knowing all the details we cannot fairly give a price, however our services do start at $199.

Yes, we offer a comprehensive SEO audit. Click the link and fill out the form for your free audit.  https://jordanconsults.com/local-seo-audit

Local SEO is a set of techniques designed to increase the presence and positioning of a website in a specific geographic location. Local SEO has more advantages if your business is local. This is an entirely different approach than  “traditional” SEO in which you target people nationally or globally. Solely using “traditional” SEO is ONLY suitable if your business runs 100% online.

Each case is different, however, we usually do have to redesign our client’s website to ensure the best results. Once you fill out a Local SEO audit form we can better assess if your website will need to be designed.

90 – 180 days on average. However, SEO is a complex world, so it depends on several factors. It can be the competition of the keyword you are targeting, the domain authority, and more.

The NAP is essentially the Name, Address, and Phone number of your business.It seems very simple and basic, but it is essential to getting the most out of local SEO.

It is essential that the NAP for Local SEO is always written or indicated the same. For example, if the telephone number +123 corresponds to our business, we must always put the same format for all submissions. 

The same thing happens with the address. If you put the street name and number on Google My Business, you must put it in the same order everywhere else.

Continuity with the NAP for Local SEO is the only way to have effective results, otherwise, different search engines will recognize each variation as a separate business making it next to impossible for your business to rank higher.

In order to sell, you must first capture quality traffic and visits to your website. Local SEO helps you to get more traffic to your local business. Thanks to the optimization of Google My Business, you can appear in a local search.

If we implement a good local SEO strategy, we will scale positions in the search results little by little, gaining visibility, receiving more visits, and, as a consequence, increasing the number of sales.

Yes, you can. However, it is suggested that at minimum, you provide your home address where you operate the business online, as well as your phone number. 

Yes, we do. We also offer monthly reporting of your local search ranking, so you understand what has changed.

Why not? We will help you get listed on all the major navigation apps including but not limited to Google Maps, Apple Maps. Listing your business outside Google Maps is a proven strategy to get you more sales potentials. And seriously, we always want you to dominate!